Knocked Up

I think I may be the only person in this country who has not seen the movie, Knocked Up.  I like to think that I have a good number of friends, not too small, not too large.  Okay.  Sorry the number of friends that I have is largely irrelevent except that I am trying to point out that it’s not a small sample of a very specific niche.  They are diverse and would not be each other’s friends normally, I think.  Yet, I am pretty sure all of them have seen this movie.  I can’t understand it.  The premise is woman celebrates something at a bar.  Woman ends up incredibly drunk.  She ends up so drunk that she hooks up with a man she does not know.  Woman later finds she is pregnant.  Woman finds man who impregnated her.  Woman suggests they work it out and make a life together to bring up the child.  Woman and anonymous man end up living happily ever after. 

 This is what I have been able to glean from the trailers that bombard my usual peace of mind.  Let me know if this interpretation is grossly inaccurate and just full of disgusting creepy crawly errors.  Now, from what I understand this movie to be about, this has never fanned the flame of interest under my rear to go pay ten dollars.  Problem 1:  The cast is not diverse.  I am not represented in it at all, thus I do not care.  Problem 2:  It seems highly improbable that a. this woman would keep the baby and b. be able to find the man who impregnated after her drunken escapade which resulted in a foggy memory.  Problem 3: There is no way a man who ranks about a 2 in the looks department, at best, would ever land her – even in her drunkest moment.  People do not do engage in actions they otherwise would not be capable of doing when they’re sober.  Alcohol merely removes a few inhibitions, such as shyness.  Problem 4:  It would never work out as neatly as it does.  Why does anyone think there are so many single mothers, anyway?  Problem 5:  The end message seems to validate the “fact” that unattractive men who accidentally land a drunken hot woman will still end up winning in the end without having to work, sans courtship.

 Now, I could be incredibly wrong, except that I have even heard from a number of people who have seen this movie say she has a good job (read as, well-paying) working for E!  Now, this strengthens my point regarding why she does not pursue an abortion.  If she is in such a good position at her job, it seems that a child out of wedlock would not be the most beneficial move for her career.  It seems highly unlikely she would choose to keep the baby with the pressures of her career and the responsibilities required of her.

I guess what gets me about this movie is that a lot of viewers have said that the movie is incredibly realistic.  HA! What is realistic about this movie?  First, someone with her position would not be in the same bar as mr. ugly 2.  They run in differenct societal circles unless she likes to go slumming.  Second, she would never keep that baby.  Third, it would never have worked out if she wasn’t pretty, blonde, and white.

Just my personal thoughts on the movie.  Shoot me.


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