Monthly Archives: July 2007

Union Square

I went to Union Square today. We had no particular purpose for our journey from the suburban east bay. My Mom and I walked the block from the parking garage to the Square. We were walking in the shadow of the ancient brown brick of the commanding Westin St. Francis, where I once had tea […]

I have never been lost in New York City

I just recently finished reading this collection of short stories called Lost on Purpose: Women in the City. In this collection, the better stories are, definitely, saved for last. If you happen to put your hands on it, the better stories are Borderlines by Calla Devlin, I’m Happy, You’re Happy, We’re All Happy by Colette […]

Did you hear the black snake moan?

Black Snake Moan has been one of the more interesting and entertaining films that I have rented from Netflix in this past month. The story is not unknown, in fact – if not, a little tired, to savvy movie watchers: Two troubled individuals cross one another’s pass. Both need each other as much as they […]