Monthly Archives: September 2007

Laughing Hysterically Across the Universe

Julie Taymor’s new film, Across the Universe, is a visual explosion.  It is unashamed, pushing the imagery to the utter maximum.  Restraint is only exhibited in the scenes of “real life,” where this Puritan virtue wants to reign and does.  The film is fearlessly beautiful.  Each frame is artfully considered down to the most minute detail.  The colours, seemingly chaotic, are purely […]

Why did homo sapiens’s predecessors cease to progress for millions of years?

There are a many theories which could suffice as an explanation for the lack of progress and eventual distinction of Homo Sapiens’s predecessors.  However, after reading After the Ice, I am only able to speculate as to why Homo Sapiens succeeded rather than why our genus’s ancestors failed due to the limited time span addressed […]