Monthly Archives: October 2007

new york city fashion?

Fashion in new york city is supposed to be the creme de la creme, correct? the home of project runway, the center of the financial world, the hub of fashion schools, the magazines hover here influencing clothing lines from the appointment-only boutique to kmart. new york city is the infrastructure for the fashion system. i […]

Repeating again and again on my ipod . . .

Two new singers I have discovered are very good.  Good music and good lyrics.  An unrivaled combination, I tell you.  If you like Erykah Badu, Floetry, Amel Larrieux and Leela James you’ll definitely fall for these two new upcoming artists.  Nneka and Joy Denalane are fabo.  Joy D. has two cds out: “Mamini” and “Born & […]

I watch too many war movies.

I heard six gunshots last night.  I am not sure they were gunshots, actually.  A car may have backfired six times in a row.  Unlikely, but I am not sure.  However, every time I imagine someone rolling down Central Ave with their piece glinting out of the window – I imagine the bullets ricocheting off wrought iron […]

Imminent Boringhood.

  My primary worry that occupies the most space in any of my thought processes is that one day I will be boring. I worry that I will have nothing interesting to say. I am preoccupied with this thought to the point that I find minutes of my life slipping away out of my advantage. […]