Monthly Archives: November 2007

Falling back in love with Music

As anachronistic as Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings are, it is well known the highest form of flattery is in imitation.  Although critics may dismiss her records as behind the times, mere “clones” of a bygone era, I would argue a space remains for her to fill.  There have been many ‘soulful’ artists who pop up […]

Are we turning a corner?

I love movies.  I wish there was another way to express my strong attraction to the movies, but words are truly insufficient for this deep sentiment.  I just love movies.   I am at a loss to explain how this came about. It might have been my family.  I do not rightly know.  Maybe, it’s because I grew […]

Tired of Glamour, Cosmo, Elle and Vogue? Me Too.

Are you fatigued?  Do you have low energy? Does it seem you gain no pleasure from the activities you used to enjoy?  Do you prevent yourself from eating food you once delighted in?  Do I sound like an ad for prozac?  Do you often have thoughts of burning every woman’s magazine to the ground?  Well, even […]

As I Am

I have been wondering where my review is for Alicia Keys’ new album, As I Am.  Key’s Junior album dropped November 13th.  According to E!Online her album sold 742,000 copies in the first week!  She should have got in on the fun with Kanye to collectively whoop Fiddy ass easily beating his 691,000 copies in his first […]