Tired of Glamour, Cosmo, Elle and Vogue? Me Too.

Are you fatigued?  Do you have low energy? Does it seem you gain no pleasure from the activities you used to enjoy?  Do you prevent yourself from eating food you once delighted in?  Do I sound like an ad for prozac?  Do you often have thoughts of burning every woman’s magazine to the ground?  Well, even if you don’t, I most certainly do.  Ladies, I may have a solution for you.  Clutch Magazine is an online zine featuring great product recommendations, fashion tips, unpopular yet insightful and uplifting news stories for those with a different mindset.  In my opinion, the e-zine is essentially a black Bust magazine.  I check out their website every Wednesday through Friday for a good hour while working for Bust magazine!  The irony is in such abundance this evening. 

Clutch features links to Kevan Hall, a black fashion designer (Yes, there are other black fashion designers besides Project Runway’s Kara Saun.  Who made all those fabulous American dresses up through the 1960s which made so many celebrities famous?  Black women did.  Enough of my soap box!).  Clutch features music suggestions such as Dwele, Mase and Res (one of my personal faves!), skin products (Tru Butter), makeup products (prescriptives and Ada Cosmetics!), hair products, and even features coverage of the 2008 presidential election (look to the future for my views on that!). 

I particularly like their manifesto where “Smart is always sexy” sits at the top as their first tenet.  And kids, we all know first is always the best and most important despite those kid songs we used to sing decades ago.  The website is friendly, bright and easy to navigate.  Thank God for the internet otherwise I would be stuck at Barnes & Noble staring at the aforesaid quad and weak indie sellouts like Lucky and Nylon magazines (which recently featured Mary Kate or Ashley Olson on its cover! Big thumbs down!).  

While being a modern manifestation of an afro-centric zine, its audience should be to everyone because of the substantive news stories.  I hate that I have to resort to those means to convince or justify the validity of Clutch magazine with that last sentence.  That should not be necessary in this day and age.

Check out Clutch magazine by following this handy link: http://clutchmagonline.com/


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