Are we turning a corner?

I love movies.  I wish there was another way to express my strong attraction to the movies, but words are truly insufficient for this deep sentiment.  I just love movies.   I am at a loss to explain how this came about. It might have been my family.  I do not rightly know.  Maybe, it’s because I grew up in California.  Often, at times, I must admit, my life did feel like a movie,. 

My movie life aside, to feed my addiction to the motion picture, this Holiday season two great movies are coming out.  Now normally, I do not LIKE Holiday themed movies.  Romantic comedies for Valentine’s Day make me want to vomit up my lunch.  If there were a St. Patrick’s Day movie that depended on me for its success, it would fall flat on its face.  I think the only exception would be the horror film usually released, coincidentally, around Halloween.  I like scary movies, even bad ones like Scream.  However, this year it seems I am jumping up and down to see The Perfect Holiday and This Christmas.  Now, what’s so amazing about these movies is the amount of publicity they are getting in NYC’s subway system.  Granted, I only ride a few lines on a regular basis, but let me tell you the ones that I do ride are pretty popular.  With that being said, I don’t watch a whole lot of television limiting my exposure to televisions ads, except for, of course, that infamous two hour block of Ugly Betty, The Office and Scrubs on Thursdays.  That means there must be billboards, huge skyscraper sized posters, maybe they’re (who’s they anyway?) even handing out fliers to promote the movie!  Not only are they well advertised, but they stand as the holiday movies besides Fred Claus.  

All in all, I cannot wait to see these normal middle class Black families with an abundnace of diverse positive male role models celebrating Christmas.  Every time I see an ad, I foolishly think we have turned the corner.  It leads me to think we are heading in the right direction regarding mainstream media portrayals.  Not to say that it’s less important than actual material gains, but it induces one to conclude we might be closer to getting THERE. 

I just hope the movies are successful and that people treat them as Holiday movies rather than Black movies.  And we all know what happens to “Black movies.”

For the trailer to This Christmas:

For the trailer to The Perfect Holiday:


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