Monthly Archives: December 2007

The Novella & Melville House Publising

For those long time readers who remember my review of a short story collection, Lost in New York City, you may recall the special place in my heart in which dwell short stories and the under-appreciated novella. Well, Tuesday evenings, I always browse through Shakespeare & Co. bookstore (Wash Place & Broadway) after my statistics […]

Shake your body line . . .

Beetlejuice was one of my favourite movies growing up. The H. Belafonte song, Jump in the Line, is the most memorable part of the movie besides the waiting room scene. 🙂 To Forgo writing Beetlejuice a third time however, we’ll switch gears – if you want to further your interests in Calypso, a terrific website to […]

Not the movie, Annapolis, folks.

It seems that the Bush Administration IS capable of learning. It seems they ARE aware of history, but choose to ignore it, when it’s convenient. The renewed Middle East peace talks are testimony to the fact the administration might finally be learning why anti-American sentiments seem to fester in the Middle East region. What the Bush […]

The Last Kiss

I was told The Last Kiss was a terrible movie by nearly everyone I knew.  Unfortunately, I do not agree.  I thought this movie was remarkable in the fact that the women were far from being unreasonable, well, maybe with the exception of Jenna’s mother.  In addition to great female roles, I thought it was […]


One of Cusack’s most recent films was the Stephen King thriller, 1408.  Cusack, a writer open to the belief of paranormal activity, yet never convinced, receives a postcard.  This postcard piques his interest enough to fly across the country back to his previous home in New York City, despite its being filled with traumatic memories of […]

on the recent weather . . .

i was walking slowly amongst the rain and slushy remains of the storm.  as i dragged my too big boots through earlier’s reminders,  i noticed in what manner everything seems to look in the city once the rain attacks.  cracks and holes in the cement surrender, filled with a dark water obscuring its depths, but at the same time reveal cigarette butts previously unseen.  […]