on the recent weather . . .

i was walking slowly amongst the rain and slushy remains of the storm.  as i dragged my too big boots through earlier’s reminders,  i noticed in what manner everything seems to look in the city once the rain attacks.  cracks and holes in the cement surrender, filled with a dark water obscuring its depths, but at the same time reveal cigarette butts previously unseen.  garbage bags slump downtrodden and defeated with puddles of rain parasitically nestled in their folds.  abandoned furniture, usually abused, wails for its loneliness.  bare tree branches cringedly reach towards the sky impeded by the berating precipitation.  coronation on roof buildings stand with their last bit of energy defying the onslaught. 

nothing sparkles the way it ought in the rain unless the ability to sparkle is inherent already.  rims on car wheels sparkle as if newly polished.  lights sparkle now dust has been removed with is recent rinse to truly demonstrate its full colour. 

it seems to be only a matter of time before the rains win.  a short time before everything is washed away into oblivion.


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