Shake your body line . . .

Beetlejuice was one of my favourite movies growing up. The H. Belafonte song, Jump in the Line, is the most memorable part of the movie besides the waiting room scene. 🙂 To Forgo writing Beetlejuice a third time however, we’ll switch gears – if you want to further your interests in Calypso, a terrific website to indulge these new interests would have to be the great world music magazine, Mondomix and their companion website: The website features music from around the globe. 


There are a number of ways to get your feet wet on the website.  You can search for music by region and then break it down by country. Or you can search by genre.  There are compilation playlists in the sidebar.  Or you can listen to a random mix of a region’s music or genre.  Once you’ve finally settled on on artist, there are samples of each artist’s best-selling song.  Or you can listen to a sample of every song from each of their albums.

What can the website do for you?  First off, exercise caution because the experience may blow your mind away discovering all the features. You could be on the website for several hours to realize you have just scratched the surface, having investigated just a very small portion of the website’s offerings. The website is broken up into several sections as follows: Portraits, Video, Interview, Review, Radio stations, Reports, Agenda, Directory (my personal favourite), Charts, Downloads, My Mondo Mix, Print, and Production.  That is a ton of categories.  ‘Portraits’ is the section introducing new artists by way of a bio, discography, and links to their website. ‘Video’ is Video.  ‘Interviews’ are Interviews.  C’mon guys, do you see the pattern, yet?!  ‘Reviews’ are reviews, except they are usually done by those famous BBC music journalists.  ‘Radio’ is archived global radio programmes.  ‘Reports’ are usually about music festivals to give you a flavour of what you have not experienced.  ‘Agenda’ lists upcoming concert dates for music artists.  ‘Directory’ is probably my favourite section featuring links to various websites such as or All Brazilian Music with descriptions.  The directory is being constantly updated and readers can add links of their own.  ‘Charts’ compile a number of world music charts from Europe on one single page for your enjoyment and convenience.  ‘Games’ are games, which are inaccessible through the English page for now.  Perhaps, it only works in the French edition?  What does that say about the French?  Hmmm.  I am going to skip the ‘Download Music’ section for now.  ‘My Mondo Mix’ does not seem to be working at the moment so I do not know what that is.  ‘Print’ comprises the contents of the print magazine.  ‘Productions’ is the place for Mondomix to advertise their DVDs, CDs, documentaries and short TV programs.

With all this content, this is surely a huge undertaking.  As it is frequently updated, I imagine Mondomix has an incredibly dedicated, not to mention sizable (hopefully!) staff.

Now it’s time for the ‘Download Music’ section.  Mondomix and Calabash Music have teamed up to sell the music of the magazine’s artists, except, there’s a twist.  Calabash is a fair trade music site.  Artists post their music to the site selling directly to the consumer, using the very compatible mp3 format, naturally.  Artists keep 50% of their revenue because there are no manufacturing, distribution, and marketing that goes into the production of a CD. Calabash is single-handedly transforming the music business.  Fair trade, baby.  Besides Calabash music having their ethics in order, their website is equally as interesting as that of Mondomix, but a bit more interactive.  Users can contribute to Calabash by publishing reviews, blogging about new music events, uploading playlists, and pasting links of album samples into their blog.  These are just a few of the many things to be done on Calabash.  Not to mention, the music downloads are incredibly fast (based on cable internet speeds).

It’s not that any of these things are unique to a music site; rather it’s that Mondomix has thought of everything. They have the best features of all music sites in one place with a graphically intriguing interface to boot.  In the end, you’re not left wishing for more of anything, except, for time. 


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