Monthly Archives: January 2008

I can’t keep up!

I can’t keep up with all the endorsements flying in every which direction. I thought I had read the best news for the day when I found that former wrestler Hulk Hogan is endorsing Barack Obama. Check it out here: But, even more creepy. Rupert Murdoch is endorsing Barack Obama through one of his […]

You ran a good campaign Edwards!

John Edwards, you ran a good campaign. We’ll miss your insight. You pushed Clinton and Obama to be more inclusive, to think about Joe America. You’re a great man. According to an NYTimes article, he called Clinton and Obama, individually, when he was thinking about the end of his campaign.  He made them promise to […]

There is something to be said for age . . .

As much as young people are excited about getting older and perhaps hoping their youthful perspective will open up the aged’s eyes, and finally close the gap between yourself and one’s parents; there is something to be said for age. With age comes experience and wisdom that simply cannot be dismissed. Do not fear, this […]

A Question about Numbers

For all the reporting on who voted for who, no one seems to be asking the question why South Carolina with a 29% Black population ( was over 50% of the electorate in the democratic primary elections this past Saturday ( ????   Was white turnout especially low? Are the majority of White South Carolinians […]

Barack Obama is not Jesse Jackson, no matter how you spin it.

Barack Obama is not Jesse Jackson. Yes, Jesse Jackson won the South Carolina Primaries in 1984 and 1988.  Yes, Barack Obama won the 2008 South Carolina Primary a few short days ago.  But, that is where the similarities end.  (For more information between Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson see: More importantly, did Jesse Jackson […]

What do you know about Bettye LaVette?

I hope 2008 turns out to be a promising year for music. I was browsing through the A.V. Club., (of which I am still confused as to what they do exactly because it seems like a little bit of everything) when I happened upon an interview with Bettye LaVette. According to a number of sources, […]

Hillary the War Hawk.

As I’m watching tally up Nevada, I can’t but help feeling incredibly disappointed. At this point, 87.64% of precincts are reporting, Clinton leads at 50.73%, Obama in second with 45.15% and Edwards, at 3.77%. I am incredibly frustrated! It doesn’t seem like anyone is paying close attention to Hillary’s voting record of late. If […]

I am not alone

Turns out someone else is thinking on the same wavelength as myself. I wrote after the Iowa caucus that none of the major candidates seemed to be making a concerted effort to court the Latino vote. Well, it turns out The New Republic has been drinking the same water. Check out Obama’s missed opportunity here […]

What No One is Talking About in Campaign 08

Amidst all this talk of courting niche constituencies, one population that does not seem to be in the spotlight, yet should, is the Latino vote.  With the US Latino population recently eclipsing African Americans as the largest minority, none of the Democratic candidates seem to be addressing this group with the same dedication.  Republicans have recently been dissing Latinos with […]

Magazine Stores

As opposed to bookstores, which are disappearing at an alarming rate (re: cody’s books, telegraph ave), a new magazine store in Oakland opened this past summer, called Issues.  I refrained from reporting on this lovely store, earlier, in order to see if it would last six months.  However, Lo! and Behold Issues Magazine Store is still here! And […]