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As opposed to bookstores, which are disappearing at an alarming rate (re: cody’s books, telegraph ave), a new magazine store in Oakland opened this past summer, called Issues.  I refrained from reporting on this lovely store, earlier, in order to see if it would last six months.  However, Lo! and Behold Issues Magazine Store is still here! And hopefully, here to stay!

Located at the corner of Peet’s Coffee & Tea and Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, CA (I love how those are not real directions!), Issues is a fun cozy store.  I highly suggest checking out this place.  It’s a small place with big ambitions, manifested in the array of international newspapers and the huge variety of magazines: independent and mainstream.  Their center displays are helpful because it highlights mags definitely worth knowing about like Bust Magazine (I know that was a shameless plug, but who cares?!).  Their selection of art magazines are great with all the premiere photography magazines in attendance, like Aperture and Blind Spot.  Not only are the photography magazines hanging tight, but there are compelling art and design publications from Berlin and Canada in the store.  We all know Berlin is a hotspot for art.  Some of these artsy fartsy magazines (which I love) may be a little pricey at 19 dollars, but well worth the price when it becomes a collectible.

Aside from art magazines which don’t have a lot of visibility, generally, there seem to be a lot of sporting magazines and home magazines, I think.  I would not know because I do not care about those genres.  Moving on, the current affairs magazine collection has everything one needs to be a part of what The New Republic calls the “chattering classes,” including a multitude of socialist magazines to spice up the conversation.  In addition to intellectual hoity toity political chewing fodder, there are some academic journals, a small amount of quality literary journals, academic and not: like n + 1.  All in all, what’s good for us is the balance between independent journals and mainstream crap, like Time and Newsweek.  Also, it’s a great place for off the wall gifts because the store sells band t-shirts (the day they get Explosions in the Sky t-shirts . . . ), awesome books, niche-interest music, and Erica Weiner jewelry.  That’s only the tip of the iceberg.  You just gotta go check it out.  If you live in the neighborhood, I am extremely jealous.

Link to Issues Magazine Shop:

Link to Erica Weiner Jewelry:

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  1. those are my kinds of directions, though…

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