Monthly Archives: February 2008

Oh Hillary there you go again.

I don’t know if it’s because my mind seems to be foggy because I’m coming down with the flu (again!) or if Hillary has actually gone off the deep end.  The footage I’ve seen of her patronizing Barack Obama in Ohio struck a chord.  This chord is calibrated to pick up to pick up condescending […]

Recent Absence

Lucky Thirteen is having some computer troubles.  Her unique insight will return soon to talk about Fidel Castro’s resignation, Obama’s recent victories, and the Kara Walker and Carrie Mae Weems’ shows.

What’s new Hillary?

Has anyone noticed Hillary Clinton’s website face lift? When did she change this? It looks like she’s lifted Obama’s website template. I guess if you can’t beat ’em join ’em.

Blue, Red, or Purple?

Look at the totals of people voting in elections. In most of the elections, open and closed, the total number voting in the Democratic primary is higher than the total number voting in the Republican primary. Which color is that state going to be in the fall? I would like to venture a guess, it’s […]

Converations over Hookah with the NAACP

Dear NAACP, Why are you requesting that Michigan and Florida have delegates seated at the convention? Now, some media folks are trying to construe that as a de facto endorsement of Hillary Clinton. If I am correct, the NAACP does not traditionally endorse a candidate. Being that I just heard about this I would have […]

Chesapeake/Potomac Primary

So, it seems Obama is sweeping again. Ah, the smell of success. I never knew it was so sweet to win. Now, looking at numbers it seems that Obama’s campaign knows how to learn and learns quickly. He is splitting the white vote, he is winning the >$50,000 income voters, he is winning Blacks overwhelmingly, […]

Politico is Fabo.

First, Ben Smith’s blog on is fabulous.  The comments are even more fabulous.  I would like to direct your eyes to an even more interesting place – the posts by Rafael.  I think she has some pretty good empirical evidence for why one ought to not vote for Billary. And, it’s great solidarity in […]