Proud to be from the Bay

I just wanted to note the area in the country with the highest concentration of college degrees is the Bay Area. They voted for Obama overwhelmingly in Marin, San Francisco, and Alameda Counties.

It’s time to peace out of New York City and move back home.


I was just struck with another thought regarding the general election.  Obama would be a great help to Clinton if she wins the nomination.   He has midwestern appeal, especially with much endorsement from the Kansas governor and Missouri Senator McCaskill.  He would bring in the educated and the youth.  Obama would be able to pick up those swing states like Colorado and Missouri.  However, if Obama gets the nomination he should not pick Clinton.   Her past is too divisive – he will alienate his base.  Many would be simply voting against Billary.  Who would/should Obama pick for his running mate?  That is the question.  Some say Edwards.  Some say he’s the past and would taint his campaign.  Who knows?

Obama Edwards 08 = Dream Ticket.


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