Blue, Red, or Purple?

Look at the totals of people voting in elections. In most of the elections, open and closed, the total number voting in the Democratic primary is higher than the total number voting in the Republican primary. Which color is that state going to be in the fall?

I would like to venture a guess, it’s going blue.

That’s what it’s about. Swing states baby. Hillary has proved she’s no different nor can do anything more than any other losing Democrat.

About numbers again, maybe because I’m studying politics so they have become my best friend, I would like to point out there are more Democrats registered in this country than Republicans by at least 20 million people. Democrats should win every election just by simple numbers if we vote as faithfully as our Republican counterparts. I’m not worried about the general if Obama wins the nomination. If he doesn’t win the nomination this summer, I may be looking for a job abroad.

Check out why I am putting up my feet on my desk. And maybe knocking over my glass of water with joy:


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