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Where’s the sniper fire, Hillary?

Hillary Rodham Clinton gets a kiss from Emina Bicakcic, 8, after landing at Tuzla Air Base during a March 1996 trip to Bosnia Photo Credit: DOug Mills — Associated Press Photo

Bitch is not the New Black?

Besides the Reverend Wright distractions, the most frustrating experience of late would have to be a conversation about feminism with my younger sister, especially in light of a critical moment where I realized I would probably like Hillary Clinton if I met her personally (I know.  I was having a mini-existential crisis, alright.  I’m recovered, now.  […]

Barack Obama On Race & Politics in America

His speech was daring.  I would dare anyone to say otherwise about someone who has more or less shied away from explicit comments/lecturing about racism in his campaigns.  As for how successful he was about addressing his pastor’s comments – I would say a caller to NPR before the speech put it best.  He said […]

Leave Gore Alone!

It is completely inane to expect Al Gore to endorse either of the presidential candidates.  He is not God.  Hello! Winning a noble peace prize does not make you some sort of all powerful clairvoyant omnipotent untarnished holy person whose word is sancrosanct.  Clearly, Texas and Ohio missed the memo from the media that Obama ought […]

Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela

Many in the United States do not know of the erosion of democracy in Colombia.  Many do not know that the same families have been running Colombia since its independence.  Tell me if that is a true democracy?  Are those really free and fair elections?  Let me not even get into inequality in Colombia.  Yeah, […]

Guess who’s Back . . .

Seems like Obama might be getting whooped tonight.  Figured as much.  Democrats are unruly and ungovernable.  We don’t like people telling us what to do.  The media tried to tell us the nomination was wrapped up.  Well, it’s not now.  We rebelled.  This run is not exciting.  Not anymore.  It’s dividing the party.  Obama tried […]