Guess who’s Back . . .

Seems like Obama might be getting whooped tonight.  Figured as much.  Democrats are unruly and ungovernable.  We don’t like people telling us what to do.  The media tried to tell us the nomination was wrapped up.  Well, it’s not now.  We rebelled.  This run is not exciting.  Not anymore.  It’s dividing the party.  Obama tried to move us forward into the next phase of progress – he wanted better campaign conduct and found only the lowest common denominator succeeds.  It’s unfortunate.  Honestly, I find I have a hard time speaking to pro-Hillary voters.  Generally, my reaction to these ‘confused’ people begins and ends with a puzzled look and then some gurgled wonky speak that pro-Hillary fans deflect by saying their policies are nearly the same.  Ah, the graduate student’s knowledge gets lost amongst the “normal” people.

More importantly, the Super Tuesday demographic breakdowns have resurfaced today.  That’s nothing special, I suppose.  Hillary was expected to do well in Texas and Ohio.  And she did.  Again, she did not prove she can do anything extraordinary.  Except, I do have to say I am surprised she is winning Texas.  On that note, it’s almost as if Texas and Ohio hadn’t been paying attention to the news and recent developments since February 5th.  They could not be swayed by the media calling the nomination for Obama.  Or they rebelled against his looming “inevitability.”  Maybe, the concept of inevitability should not be used.  It seems to backfire every time it is brought out.

Strategically speaking, I thought once Obama started moving to the left in his speeches,  he might lose the meat and potato states: Texas and Ohio.  I figured at this point he was trying to placate the far left, eventually alienating the moderates.  People are finally getting savvy.  Hillary is the more conservative candidate.  If this country really is center-right as most of my poli-sci professors claim, she ought to win the nomination.  So, we can lose in November to McCain, of course.  Ah, so short sighted.Another error in recent Obama campaign strategy I’ve identified – looking at the map of Texas, he has switched to the Clinton pattern of swooping up big city delegate rich areas instead of having a broad coalition attracting rural support –not ignoring the small towns.  I wondered when that would start to happen.  I wondered when he would lose his edge and become “strategic.”  I figured ole Hillary would make a comeback at that point.  I knew she would fight to the very end and tear the Democratic Party up if need be.  She is not going away quietly.


I’m sitting here watching politico refresh itself realizing that my first instinct was right.  Before Iowa, I thought none of the democratic candidates could win in November.  Then, I was seduced.  I got emotionally entangled in the infatuation of a Barack Obama presidency.  My happiness, literally, hinged on it.  I wanted so desperately to believe that this place (this country) is better than it really is.  And I feel personally affronted that I was wrong.  He is not winning tonight. 

This is just the beginning, however.  It’s going to be get pretty bad in the media from here on out, especially for younger folks who probably don’t remember how low this country can go when it comes to the run-up to the general election.To add some cheer to you frowning Obama fans – remember why we’re really in the business of politics:

Vermont Towns vote to arrest Bush and Cheney:

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