Leave Gore Alone!

It is completely inane to expect Al Gore to endorse either of the presidential candidates.  He is not God.  Hello! Winning a noble peace prize does not make you some sort of all powerful clairvoyant omnipotent untarnished holy person whose word is sancrosanct.  Clearly, Texas and Ohio missed the memo from the media that Obama ought to be the nominee.  No one cares what Gore thinks.  My God, people consider his position.  An endorsement from Gore is a lose-lose-lose situation.  If he endorses Clinton, he will be criticized for being beholden to the establishment, ignoring the popular will, and not bringing inconvenient truths (aka CHANGE) to the people (thought I would add a bad joke in here).  Or if he endorses Obama he will be criticized for his lack of loyalty or he will be seen as riding the rock star cult messianistic wave.  Journalists would be hounding him for inside information on why he didn’t choose Hillary Clinton, oh ‘the establishment’ supports Obama “how much change is he really” akin to the same arguments as Sen. Rockefeller’s endorsement – I’m sure you can imagine the headlines.  Right now, his choice to remain in the shadows as a dutiful observer is only at a whisper and yet, still people are displeased.  Hopefully, the volume will continue at a murmur. 

Besides, we’ll find out soon enough who he supports – he is a super-delegate, after all. 

On a completely unrelated note, I thought I would mention my favorite headlines I observed yesterday as I was riding the subway trains. 

March 5 New York Post Headlines:

Hill Yeah “graced” the cover.

Favrewell “covered” the back.

By the way, I don’t see or hear anyone talking about the missile we fired in Somalia.

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