Bitch is not the New Black?

Besides the Reverend Wright distractions, the most frustrating experience of late would have to be a conversation about feminism with my younger sister, especially in light of a critical moment where I realized I would probably like Hillary Clinton if I met her personally (I know.  I was having a mini-existential crisis, alright.  I’m recovered, now.  Thanks for asking).  However, liking someone personally is not a sufficient reason for voting anyone.  If you’re going to go on whether or not you like them there ought to be some real reasons for it.  I think I’m going to indulge this tangent.  I’ll return to my sister later.  Recently, in Newsweek (the Mar 17 issue) there was a piece from a “variety” female viewpoints about the election campaign.  The collective featured a bunch of articles from different lady journalists (I think?).  Perhaps, most disappointing about the assortment of articles was the lack of variety.  There were two black women, one man, one younger woman, and one republican out of eleven clips.  But, overall it seemed most were hardcore Hill fans.  Two questions:  One: Has Newsweek officially endorsed anyone, if so was it Hillary?  Two: What of women who vote for Obama?  However, after I had finished reading the assortment – I was floored.  Not one of those writers (excuse me, there was one man) had substantive reasons, as in not emotional, anecdotal or empathetic reasons to support Hillary Clinton.  If I were ole Hill, that wouldn’t instill a ton of confidence.   

In fact, I would contend the reasons stated for supporting her completely undermine her appeal.  What about the issues?  Have we all agreed that Obama and Clinton are nearly the same?  What happened to voting one’s interests?  Why didn’t any of these women to take a position on these issues?   

Most alarming, is this how women vote in this country?  Do we vote for her because we empathize with being a victim of sexist media?  Do we vote for her because she plays up women’s stereotypes and nearly sheds some tears?  Or because (on several occasions I have seen video) she walks around serving hot chocolate and cookies – doing her “womanly” duties?  When has a male candidate personally handed out food to the press or supporters at a rally?  When that happens Hell will freeze over. 

Over and over again, the media paints these groups as monolithic beings who vote based on their identity.  Well, tell me what of their identity?  What about the candidates appeal to their hearts and minds?  Is it a shared experience or perhaps do you think that just maybe there are some very salient issues the groups have in common by virtue of sharing many similarities.  I could argue this for the Black vote as well.  One fact people never like to take into account that Blacks tend to more liberal than the median democrat.  So, we don’t vote based on race.  If Condoleeza Rice ever ran for an elected office, she would get less than 1 out of every 10 Blacks voting for her.  So, please don’t tell me it’s only because he’s Black.  Everyone knows Barack Obama is clearly the more liberal of the two candidates thus his appeal.  Don’t tell me white women only vote for Hillary because she looks like them.  What is the commonality there?  Investigate.  And why are women falling into the media’s spin.  Honestly, if it’s about her experience names those specific times her experience has paid off.  I think many women would be hard pressed to name a time, especially with her First Lady schedules being released.  It’s time to inquire, ladies.  Ask Hillary the hard questions.  Why is she ready?  What has she done with all those 35 years of experience?   

Failing the Washington D.C. bar and being on the board for Wal-Mart do not count as qualitative experience to be Commander in Chief, Ma’am. 

By the way Tina Fey, when did that bitch ever get anything done besides standing by her man while he disrespected her?  If it had been the other way around it would have been “Good Riddance Hillary, he’s better off without her.” And it would have been perceived to be okay to leave her.

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