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John Hagee and John McCain

Media Hold McCain, Obama to Different Standards    Initially, I heard about McCain soliciting Hagee’s endorsement on NPR.  Too bad, that’s not making national news.  It really is a sad day when I have to go to an obscure news source to find the truth. 

Bill rides into save the day?

If Hillary Clinton’s chances haven’t been shot to hell already, Bill just put the final nail in the coffin.  Not only is his timing incredibly horrible.  He says 60 year olds sometimes forget when they’re tired?  Ouch.   I don’t want an “old and tired” president misspeaking at 3 am.  Again, it seems they’re not on the same […]

Cuba’s special place in your heart

What: Havana Film Festival When: April 11-17, 2008 Where: All over New York City (really there are some screenings in Queens and some are at NYU) Who: Everyone.  Although it is the Havana Film Festival – there are films from all over Latin America! Why: 1. Because New York City is the best place (don’t […]

My Champion Has Fallen . . .

North Carolina lost today 84-66. This is not the wallop it looks. I mean it is. But, NC had started making a comeback at the end of the first half.  In the second half around thirteen and a half minutes they were in place to take a commanding lead, too. They were within five points […]

Speak of the devil . . .

The Clintons have released their tax returns. The New York Times has a handy dandy link for exploring their papers at your leisure.

And because I can’t stand the Dems’ primary campaign anymore . . .

For those who are creatively inclined, yet are afraid of painting their apartment walls (a.k.a. me), there is a solution.  If you’re not an art collector or too cheap to be one, then a cool quirky way to go about covering all that eggshell white and beige are wall decals.  They’re stickers for adults.  Well, […]

Conclusion: Hillary has Multiple Personality Disorder

THIS CAMPAIGN IS MAKING ME SICK.  I thought I would never get to this point.  But, I have.  I can’t stand Hillary’s multiple personality disorder.  It’s disorienting.  She is not consistent.  She needs therapy.  She initially said in October that Michigan and Florida didn’t matter.  She signed the same paperwork that the other candidates signed […]