And because I can’t stand the Dems’ primary campaign anymore . . .

For those who are creatively inclined, yet are afraid of painting their apartment walls (a.k.a. me), there is a solution.  If you’re not an art collector or too cheap to be one, then a cool quirky way to go about covering all that eggshell white and beige are wall decals.  They’re stickers for adults.  Well, they have wall decals for children’s rooms, too. 

My favorite brand would have to be Blik (where I bought the assorted gray birds pack shown below): 

Here are some others from which I have not purchased anything, but may in the future.

Dvider  Interesting to note on this site – they have room dividers and screens which are popular for those who live in studio apartments (a.k.a. me, again).  I’m not sure why the illusion of separation and compartmentalism enhances one’s sanity when living in a big room. 

Ferm Living   This is a fabo site because it has revamped ‘noveau vintage’ wallpaper ideas. I know.  Wall paper.  It seems like a huge faux pas, but everything makes it comeback, just like leggings and the 80s. 

Ugly Home   Great website.  Not exactly sure how to purchase any of their products, but that’s okay.  The downfall is that it is partly in French which is incredibly annoying for Cali kids who like Spanish. 

Kapitza  British website.  Enough said. 

On the real though, the dollar is tanking.  Wait for a rebound before purchasing from here. 

Modern Wall Graphics  This is a nice user-friendly website, albeit a little girly for those male designers out there.  Hmm, maybe the whole concept of stickers is a little girly.  Boys check out Blik – you can put a telephone pole on your wall – that’s manly or is it just forlorn? 

Can’t Have It? Stick It.   The name is dumb.  It’s not catchy, it’s awkward.  That’s okay.  I like the photogallery on their blog where you can see the decals in action all over Europe.  Beware, of those exchange rates, friends.  

I move my birds around every day.


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