Conclusion: Hillary has Multiple Personality Disorder


I thought I would never get to this point.  But, I have.  I can’t stand Hillary’s multiple personality disorder.  It’s disorienting.  She is not consistent.  She needs therapy. 

She initially said in October that Michigan and Florida didn’t matter.  She signed the same paperwork that the other candidates signed regarding their illegal timing of their primaries.  Now, what does she have to say about that?  Why didn’t she stand up for those delegations at that point in time?  Your credibility, Hill, is gone.

Her first instinct is far more conservative than she likes to pretend she is now.  And for those who don’t know, one’s first move is usually indicative of your judgment.  Ma’am you have one moment to make a choice.  You don’t have time to let your different personalities try each of their solutions.  You vote on Iraq once.  You vote on Iran once.  You bomb a country once.  You don’t have months to campaign and transform from a nasty caterpillar into an elegant butterfly.

She goes negative and hurts herself more than she hurts her competition (although she hurt him, too).  She’s petty, quibbling about the years he was a professor.  Univeristy of Chicago said professor and senior lecturer (he taught three classes a semester while he was there) are interchangeable. 

She has terrible judgment.  HORRIBLE.  She is not the person I want making decisions for me.

She has dropped the experience line because she has been lying about it.  Yes, I said lie.  Most everyone else is too wimpy to call it like it is (smells like a double standard).  It’s not human to repeat on several occasions the same pathological lie.  That is not a slip.  That is a judgment mistake which should be riding on your conscience, Ms. Clinton. 

Ms. Ferraro, at least, had enough integrity to not recant her comments, insulting though they may be .

I can’t stand it. 

I am tired of her stealing other people’s rhetoric.  I am tired of her stealing others’ style.  I am tired of her lying.  I am tired of her crying “victim” to the media.

Sidebar: Where are her tax returns?

Mostly, I am frustrated angry and disgusted that Americans do not see her for what she is.


  1. She also wants to steal some of the delegates that Obama won. I wrote about this on my blog today. Basically, she says that the pledged delegates that obama won don’t have to vote for him and the convention and should vote for her. She is basically saying that even if Obama wins the voted delegates and the super delegates, she should still win.

  2. Obama also plays the political game, swinging left and right, changing his opinion depending on who is he promising what.

    I just want this over so that we can try to unite the party and have a chance to win this election. But personal attacks like this one on any candidate will create more bitterness, costing us the election. Bottom line: Obama or Hillary can not win without party unity. We are delivering this election to McCain if we do not come together.

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