My Champion Has Fallen . . .

North Carolina lost today 84-66. This is not the wallop it looks. I mean it is. But, NC had started making a comeback at the end of the first half.  In the second half around thirteen and a half minutes they were in place to take a commanding lead, too. They were within five points twice during the game and still did not manage to close or even lead for one possession.  I think it was closer than the score depicts. Or was it? Maybe, I should take off my UNC glasses and get a dose of reality. I guess I was hoping Kansas was still a bit wounded after fighting it out last weekend with the Cinderella team, Davidson.

However, Kansas is a big fast powerful team, they recover quickly. When fatigue had started to set in, maybe, just maybe I thought the titans they are would not get a second wind. Surely, the way to beat them is in the transition, keep them on the move. NC is smaller, they can win by being scrappy. NC would have to beat Kansas in the transition. Don’t let Kansas get comfortable in their defensive scheme because once they’re there – they cannot be displaced. Their defense is tough. Their help defense is equally as good. They have four big powerful posts they could rotate, NC has one: Hansbrough. In the end, I really don’t think NC had the heart or the team chemistry to make it through. Why weren’t they passing to Green at the end when he had been hot?

The New York Giants had heart. They came out slinging. Every team on the way to the championship needs to watch that Superbowl. They familiarize themselves with the mindset of a champion.

But, hey! There’s always next year. UNC looks like their starters will be intact save none of their players decides to go pro prematurely.


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