I have not retired. Just temporarily.

As you have probably guessed (because Americans can be smart if they want to) Lucky Thirteen has been in hiatus for some time.  Actually, in fact, it is with the utmost regret, I must inform you that graduate school has kidnapped Lucky Thirteen.  And that includes the hard hitting insightful little blogger’s two cents she adds every which way she can. 

Until the finals are over, until she returns after some jetsetting, until she decides she can overcome her bad moods surrounding Hillary Clinton and the everlasting Democratic Primary and the double standards not applied to John McCain, until she finds a well paying respectable summer job to keep her out of the depths of despair, financial indigence and corollary squalor (my favorite word of the moment), until she finishes watching all the remaining seasons of her favorite childhood sitcom, Saved by the Bell – on Netflix instant watch – until, until, UNTIL this list comes to an end, she won’t be back to take hold of your hand and guide you out of the darkness and into the light.


It is unfortunate.  Yes. Loneliness can be cruel.  I understand. 

But, I trust you readers.  I know you will overcome.  I know you will reach out and grab your dreams, American Dreams.  I know you will return, once I have returned, Ready and Right to give you all that I got on the first day working for you hard working (possibly White) Americans.  You have given me a reason to go on, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  A mandate, if you will. 

And that means, I am more determined than ever to win this nomination-


Obama ’08. 

(after that, imagine an arm bent at the elbow facing up with a fist at the end of said arm  – hopefully it has not fallen off, what with all the typing and book toting – punching the air at about the level of my eye, like in Phantom of the Opera)

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  1. Where did you goooo???

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