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Emerald City. No, not the one in Oz.

I just finished reading Emerald City, a collection of short stories by Jennifer Egan.  There are eleven stories in this volume.  Some were very affecting and some were not.  Well, those I did not read (total: two) were not even interesting enough to hold my attention.  While I was reading the book, I started to […]

The Black List Project Continued. . .

For some reason, it always hits a nerve when a female coeval says she is not a feminist. “Why do we need feminism?/Aren’t we all equal now?/I have never experienced sexism, what’s the big deal?/I don’t identify with those bra burning feminists!/It’s for white affluent women, it’s not for me/The girls I know who are […]

Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month.  While everyone except NASA (Yes, their YouTube channel has profiles of Black people this month?!), Jeopardy! and Attorney General Holder pretended Black History Month no longer exists because we elected our first African-American President, I will blog ad nauseum about Women’s History Month. So, to start this off with guns […]

The Black List in Brooklyn

At The Brooklyn Museum there is an exhibit up called, The Black List.  It  will be shown from November 21, 2009 to March 29, 2009. While it is not the most visually stimulating event, it is informative and educational (those are the same, huh?).  I have no idea why they picked these people and not […]

As predicted . . .

there was better analysis the following day regarding Obama’s address to Congress.  One of the better articles was from Politico. Even better there’s a poll on the front page of Politico’s website asking what readers thought of Jindal’s rebuttal last night.  As of  1:04 am EST. 67% of Politico readers who answered the poll (8878 […]

Gov. Jindal’s Speech Pattern

Did anyone think Jindal sounded particularly folksy tonight?  I know he can speak.  In fact, we all know he is smart, even if he is a bit crazy with the far right fundamentalist Christianity.  Well, actually, why don’t you decide? His response to Obama’s Address: And second, Gov Jindal on Meet the Press: […]

President Obama’s Address to Congress

I watched the address on The Newshour with Jim Lehrer.  Apparently, in his 50 minute address, he was interrupted by applause 52 times (PBS).  Did that ever happen to Bush?  Did it even happen after 9/11 in the 2002 State of the Union speech? And why are the GOP so sour?  Why did Jindal only […]