Movies! Movies! Movies!

As many of you know the Academy Awards are coming up!  Well, if the Golden Globes foreshadow anything, this affair may be slightly pared back.  For one, Jon Stewart seemed a bit tiffed that he wasn’t asked to host.  Not important, let’s move on.

I have watched three movies in three days, none of them nominees this year.  I watched, in order, Persepolis (finally!), Man on Wire, and Resurrecting the Champ.  I think that is probably the order of excellence, as well.

For those who know nothing of Iran, Persepolis is a simplified overview of the country’s events and its toil on a little girl (the author) with great graphics. I quite enjoyed re-living my undergrad seminar on Middle East Diplomacy post 1947.  For more on Iran, I have some fabulous recommendations: Kenneth Pollack’s The Persian Puzzle and James Bill’s The Eagle and The Lion.  Maybe, we can understand their hate and realize it is completely justified.

Moving on, Man on Wire.  Only the French could make a documentary like this with peephole camerawork, humorous (?) close-ups, and a funny way of creating a suspenseful and entertaining narrative about a tightrope walker.  Not to mention the soaring soundtrack was perfect for such a film.  If you liked Gattaca‘s soundtrack, then the same composer Michael Nyman works his magic here again.

Samuel L. Jackson plays a bum. *spoiler alert* A lying bum in Resurrecting the Champ.  While, I thought Samuel L. Jackson did a good job, I didn’t think Josh Hartnett did such a good job.   Admittedly, Hartnett is improving from his days in 40 Days and 40 Nights and Pearl Harbor, but this just lets you know he has a way to go.  I am not actually sure anyone cares about Josh Hartnett’s development as an actor besides this particularly fawning fan.  Oh well.  Additionally, I thought the writing could have been better. There were some missed opportunities to complicate the story kind of the way The Curious Case of Benjamin Button played it safe with its story.


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