President Obama’s Address to Congress

I watched the address on The Newshour with Jim Lehrer.  Apparently, in his 50 minute address, he was interrupted by applause 52 times (PBS).  Did that ever happen to Bush?  Did it even happen after 9/11 in the 2002 State of the Union speech?

And why are the GOP so sour?  Why did Jindal only suggest tax cuts as an anwer to all our problems?  It’s almost like if you ask a Republican what 2 + 2 is they’ll reply: TAX CUTS!

For the full text of the speech:

For some analysis from around my favorite internet front pages at this time: The Huffington Post


The New Republic: And read the other blogs on The Plank. LOL.  Some of the comments are hilarious.

The Nation:

Doug Mills/New York Times Feb 24, 2009.


Obama speaking to congress with VP Biden and Speaker Pelosi looking on from behind.

Thanks New York Times.  And is this illegal, my posting pictures from others sources onto my blog?


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