As predicted . . .

there was better analysis the following day regarding Obama’s address to Congress.  One of the better articles was from Politico.

Even better there’s a poll on the front page of Politico’s website asking what readers thought of Jindal’s rebuttal last night.  As of  1:04 am EST. 67% of Politico readers who answered the poll (8878 votes) thought “Bobby Jindal was bad.”  While only 9% thought he was great, 11% thought he was okay.  However, 9% didn’t watch and 4% answered: “Who’s Bobby Jindal?”

Good Question.  

Here’s a brief primer on Bobby Jindal from a few websites:  This is his bio from the State of Louisiana website.

Some interesting highlights thanks to U.S. News and World Report (and yes, they publish news outside of those ball busting rankings):

And, of course, The Huffington Post is going to have their say on my blog:

So, Bobby Jindal hit the national scene while the media was speculating about John McCain’s running mate.  Wow, that was a different era.  However, there was rumor-mongering that he is positioning himself for a presidential run.  Unfortunately, in all the reading I do daily, I cannot recall where I read that those governors slated to make the Opposition Rebuttal to the Presidential Address/ State of the Union usually bring on their own political demise because the expectations of the task are so high it is nearly impossible to come out the other side in one piece.  Sam Stein sums up the tongue lashing response to Jindal for the The Huffington Post:

So, Bobby Jindal was cursed from the beginning.  Well, Mr. Rhodes Scholar should have done his homework and declined the invitation.

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