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The Black Notebooks

 I just finished reading Toi Derricote‘s literary memoir, The Black Notebooks.  For some reason, I have always had a huge fascination with notebooks.  I have stacks of notebooks at my parents’ house.  Most are empty with nothing written inside for they are still waiting for the perfect something to fill their glorious pages.  I was […]

Home Births

I am not sure I am qualified to pontificate about this being that I do not want to be pregnant in the next ten years, or maybe, even EVER.  I am very conflicted about this, so we will see.  But, there has been a trend of late (more like this whole decade) to give birth […]

Christina Anderson

She is a playwright about to rock out at Yale’s School of Drama (um, Sanaa Lathan and Angela Bassett, anyone?)  until her play was picked up to be peformed Off Broadway.  Go Girl! New York Magazine has more to say here.

The White House Council on Women and Girls

Yay Obama.  Why is it awesome?  Because men like Obama need to stand up and become allies in feminist movement.  However, while running off his list of familial roles, he forgot to cite ‘brother’ but went on to mention his sister.  I guess that slip is okay? Anyways, check this out:   “Opportunities their mothers and […]

Lucky Thirteen’s Birthday is Tomorrow.

Lorna Simpson, The Water Bearer, 1986. So, she’s going to keep it real.  It’s time to reset.  Recharge. And even though, I may be all broken up, I always (seriously, since I was 12) thought 24 would be special for some reason.  And it will be if I want it to be.  I think that […]


I am not sure how I feel about CNN’s program, African American Firsts. Embedded video from CNN Video But, Shirley Franklin seems cool.

Women and The Great American Novel

I like to read.  Okay, that is not especially insightful.  But, I am tired of reading books about men by men.  In fact, I don’t really want to read books about men by women.  I want to read books by women about women.  I think that’s a simple request.  Oh ho, it is not a […]