Christian Siriano is . . . fierce. That’s right. I said it.

Christian Siriano is an amazing person.  He has the energy to be successful in this industry.  On an aside, if I could sew like that, it would be a wrap.  Granted, I don’t particularly like his clothes.  Really.  Heck, even if I could wear them – I probably would not.  But, I feel so proud of him after watching that season, I feel like I personally know him.  Crazy what television does to a person.

Oh! Kudos to using lots of beautiful black models!

Here are some of my favorite looks: 

[Christian5.jpg]  [Christian2.jpg]  [Christian8.jpg]  [Christian26.jpg]

I am sure this last one is not really meant for anyone to wear, but strictly for the drama in closing the show. Right?!  Close the show with a bang, something to remember, and all that.  I don’t know what he was thinking.  He needs to move out of his closet apartment, perhaps.

For the rest of the Christian Siriano Fall/Winter 09 Collection.  And, by the way, why no season 6 of my beloved Project Runway?!

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