Janelle Monae

Last July, when I was still subscribed to Vogue I read about the artist, Janelle Monae.  I love her.  I think she’s awesome.  And, now (I don’t know how I missed this!) I ran across her interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air.  Her album Metropolis is fantastic because it’s fun and energetic.  It’s great for dancing.  And, she is an amazing dancer (did i mention that already?!).  OOO, and there’s an interview with her in Paper Magazine here.  After reading this last interview, I want to be her friend.

Often, she’s compared to Outkast . . . well, Big Boi did lend a hand, her style has been compared to James Brown, her voice evokes Anita Baker; and with all those comparisons, it’s no wonder why she was nominated for a Grammy in 2008.   She’s a smart lady because she released her record on her own label and she’s not marketing herself as another boring overly sexed object but as a profoundly imaginative, creative, quirky artist.  She moonwalks in the video!  Backwards, and forwards!  Who knew?!  I had forgotten that until I watched it again.  But, that has even more significance now with the passing of our dear Michael Jackson.  I also wonder how many will pick up on her homage to Bessie Coleman, the first female African American aviator!  So, I look forward to watching her rise to stardom, step by step.  But, more importantly, I hope she is embraced the public at large because she is expanding on the definition of what it means to be a Black woman.  Thank You Miss Monae!  You will hopefully save us all.

And what is with Black people and sci-fi?  Watch out for that post later!

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