Henry Fool and Fay Grim

If you’re a film crazy like me, you’re probably subscribed to Netflix(and a Blockbuster Rewards member) and you torture  yourself trying to fit in a full-length  feature film every day (thank you, watch instantly!).  Now, I watched Fay Grim a year ago.  Since then, I have  watched it twice – completely unaware  that it was a sequel.  In fact, it’s the type  of movie I would make if I were a  moviemaker.  But, even better – the  cast is amazing.  I may be biased  towards Parker Posey (a la my days at  Bust Magazine), but Jeff Goldblum is in it!  And who doesn’t love Jeff  Goldblum?!  James Urbaniak and  Saffron Burrows round out the cast to  make it completely awesome.  James Urbaniak, primarily a TV actor in shows I do not watch, in case you need to place him I have seen him as Dwight’s best friend in the season finale of The Office this year.  Saffron Burrows stands out in my mind as the ambitious sacrifice it all scientist from Deep Blue Sea.  And yes, Deep Blue Sea is cinematic gold.  LL Cool J’s song, “Deepest Bluest, my head is like a shark fin . . . ” was a good song for the credit roll.  But, most would remember her from that winner, Troy as Andromache or if you watch Boston Legal.  Regardless, for the longest time I confused this actress with Connie Nielsen which is really dumb being that they don’t look alike.  But, if you remember what Nielsen looked like in Gladiator, then they kind of look alike . . .

Wow.  Talk about a tangent.

Anyways, Hal Hartley the director of this fine film is clearly an unrecognized talent.  The screenplay is great, the cinematography is great, the editing is great, and of course, the direction.  Even, the Fay Grim’s costumes (actually, just the long jacket and thigh high boots) are interesting, well-the combination of clothes represent her personality a little to accurately, dishevelled with a decaying sense of sophistication.  Even better, there are six composition notebooks (even though, I am pretty sure more than six appear at various times throughout – LOL) which are central to the plot.  And, you know, how I love notebooks, journals and things of the sort . . .

The first movie, Henry Fool was interesting for about half of the movie, but ultimately boring and not nearly as interesting as its sequel.  However, after having seen Henry Fool and then Fay Grim again, Hartley did not originally intend a sequel for Henry Fool, I think.  Sure, the conclusion was open-ended and left open the possibility, but that does not mean the chance ought to be seized.  Regardless, I Fay Grim warms my heart because she is one of the more interesting female leads I have seen in a long while.  And since, Hollywood has abandoned writing leading ladies into big budget films, with the exception of Angelina Jolie, it was refreshing to watch this funny political thriller full of intelligent characters.  Even the kid is smart.  And, the priest is the kind of priest to which I should have access.  Maybe, it’s because he’s normal.

As for the trailer, it’s not very interesting for the score of the film adds a lot and it cannot be heard in this trailer.  But, nothing’s perfect.

When I watched the trailer, I was surprised to see a quote from Paper Magazine, that venerable magazine that makes me vow to read it every time I walk by it in a magazine kiosk on Broadway.  Really, Paper is way better than Nylon.  Nylon is lame and tries too hard.

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