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No longer in college (for two years; not to mention I am pretty settled here in Brooklyn) there has been no need for humungous luggage prepared to take a beating for the 3000 mile trip every three to four months between BDL and SFO or Oakland Airport, so I have been gradually replacing all my […]

Barking Brown

Grace Hat Oversized Straw Hat Grace Hat Brooklyn is the best borough not only because we have the best neighborhoods for actual living, but we have cool shops like Barking Brown on Myrtle Ave (take the B38 bus from Dekalb Ave & Fulton Street) in Fort Greene.  Now, I have known about this place for […]

Fall 2009

My favorite time of the year is right around the corner.  Fall.  While everything is dying, a surge of hope is rising.  Dying leaves reincarnate themselves into great bold fashion colors. Death equals new beginnings, right? I was on crutches through the Fall of last year unable to be THE Bryant Park groupie straining for […]

Lady Film Directors

There are so few ladies directing feature films that I feel an obligation to watch in homage to my sister’s future career as a filmmaker.  Of late, there have been Julie Taymor’s Across the Universe, Kathyrn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker, and now it seems Jane Campion has a wonderful film to be released in mid-September […]

You Like Posters? So Do I.

Northland Poster Collective had some good things to say, or sell rather.  Unfortunately, it closed in June.  Now, I meant to blog about this ages ago.  But, they have up and closed on me.  Where am I going to get my bumper stickers that say: “Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries!” and other suck ilk? […]

Revolutionary Love

I was doing my daily reading (see those links on the side of this here blog) and I came across a link to another blog,  The writer, Richard, a man who self-identifies as a “dj, producer, writer, activist, feminist, unapologetic straight ally, snuggler, Jamaican New Yorker in Oakland” has just blown open my mind […]


Brooklyn just continues to surprise me over and over again.  Why would I leave?  From MGMT to TV on the Radio to my new favorite: Ratatat, there is always something new for our listening pleasure in this great borough. Check out the video for Mirando: The first song I heard from them was Black Heroes on KALX […]

Change You Can Believe In

Lucky Thirteen has been around for some time, with much success – thanks to you lovely people out there in cyberspace. Her predecessor died a nasty death snuffed out by the authoress’s poor memory, thus, Lucky Thirteen was produced. But, she will be changing, growing, to become better because the authoress is teaching herself web […]


Anjulie is a Canadian pop artist who absorbed M.I.A. and Santigold’s style into her wardrobe.  But, at the same time, people are comparing her to Nelly Furtado, even though parts of her album definitely sound like Corinne Bailey Rae and Norah Jones (by the way, where have they been?!).  Regardless, I really like her music […]