Fall 2009

My favorite time of the year is right around the corner.  Fall.  While everything is dying, a surge of hope is rising.  Dying leaves reincarnate themselves into great bold fashion colors.

Death equals new beginnings, right?

I was on crutches through the Fall of last year unable to be THE Bryant Park groupie straining for THE glimpse, utterly dependent on the goodwill of my younger sister and the charity of my city friends. However, being unable to walk – constricted to my bed – an invalid sans the bedpan; I found myself looking through a magnifiying glass to a beautiful world.  I watched NYCTV’s Fashion Week coverage every night, religiously: the way one watches Lost, lamented cancelling my Vogue subscription.  I watched a great deal of the runway shows.  Maybe it was the vicodin and percocet that brought this political science scholar to her knees, who really knows?  Regardless, it is definitely a step-up from drawing Betty and Veronica from the Archie comics with new outfits of my own making.  Or maybe it was wearing uniforms from kindergarten to twelfth grade that found me imagnining (and even sketching) my fantasy career in high fashion?

Full Frontal Fashion was on for hours every evening during Fashion Week replaying the day’s shows.  I saw Abaete’s debut, decided that my favorite collections were Missoni and Marc Jacobs for Spring 09, and beemed with misplaced pride for Christian Siriano (last season’s Project Runway winner).  By the way, whoever designed Christian Siriano‘s website came up with a really spectacular design for his Editorial Tab.  And of course, with Barack Obama’s victory, as a bonus the American public received a fashion maven, Michelle Obama, which as been great fun for all the amateur sartorialists out there.  Even more fantastic, a schoolmate from college has become a runwaymodel.  Lyndsey Scott is making headlines everywhere (in the fashion world, that is) and she is on the brink of getting big like Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn.  She is the first Black model to score a Calvin Klein exclusive!  She has been seen in malls on walls that are larger than life in Westchester, she is modelling a Vera Wang gown, and is on the front of Donna Karan’s DKNY website campaign, Fall In Love With Color (see above). I am really excited for her and I hope she keeps going up clearing the way for my models of color because believe it or not life is not a Benetton ad.  And even they have their problems.

In short, Stay Tuned.  Fashion Week is from September 10-17, 2009.


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