No longer in college (for two years; not to mention I am pretty settled here in Brooklyn) there has been no need for humungous luggage prepared to take a beating for the 3000 mile trip every three to four months between BDL and SFO or Oakland Airport, so I have been gradually replacing all my luggage with new pieces, starting off with some London Fog Oxford Collection luggage (Thank You Century 21 for making it affordable!) which evoke a greater time of traveling.  Being that those pieces are kind of new, I would like to round out my collection with some older pieces (you know I like old things: typewriters and rotary phones and all that).  Below are some pieces I would like to add because there is nothing like fashionable luggage for those short weekend trips off the Metro North, LIRR, or Amtrak.

Vintage American Tourister Tiara Red Round Suitcase

A round 1960s American Tourister Tiara luggage case.

Vintage Frida Kahlo suitcase from the etsy shop, BirdNestEggs.

UPCYCLED Off White VINTAGE Train Case with SILHOUETTE of a Lady with a Parasol from NESTAHOME

Upcycled Vintage Train Case from etsy shop, GetReadySetGo.

I thought carpet bags only existed in books!

A Huge Carpet Bag from the etsy shop, Vintish.

Vintage Luggage - Cavanaugh Wardrobe Trunk

A wardrobe trunk from Cavanaugh Luggage Craftsmen from the Etsy show, AngieIris. used to sell some snazzy wardrobe trunks as well.  Oh well, Wish I could snatch and repair my parents’ old samsonites.  Those were classic.

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