What is Good Hair?

For all of you who weren’t following the ins and outs of the film festivals earlier in the year, there is one film, in particular, that needs to be seen by all people:  Good Hair.  I mentioned the film (check it out because my girl over at Brooklyn Sista has a cameo!) in a earlier post about the natural hair blog, The Coil Review.  However, it needs to be discussed again until Black women are embraced, accepted, and loved.

Chris Rock made a documentary inspired by his daughter’s ostensibly innocent question, “Why don’t I have good hair?”  Now, for those of us in the know this is a loaded question with eons and eons of history behind it.  While, I have been relaxing my hair every couple of months since I was 18, I wore my hair natural like Malia and Sasha Obama until I headed off to college on the East Coast where I could no longer be under the protective hand of my mother and her stylist.

Suffice to say, (I could publish an entire book about Black women and our hair), this is going to spark some passionate debate.  For those not fluent in the debate, there are some good primers out there.  Some of the best articles I have read in mainstream media are those from Salon:  Glenn Greenwald’s blog on Salon.com has a post, and there’s a review and interview with Chris Rock all evidence to the importance of having allies in the struggle.  Additionally, check out Feministing’s post Access to Natural Hair.

“The Combahee River Collective statement says that “[i]f Black women were free, it would mean that everyone else would have to be free since our freedom would necessitate the destruction of all the systems of oppression.”
– Confessions of a Black Feminist
By Lisa A. Crooms | TheRoot.com

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