You Can NOT Be Serious!

I have never been a huge fan of Serena Williams (being an older sibling I always preferred Venus), but it’s interesting listening to the reactions to Serena’s outburst Saturday night and the days since.  McEnroe had deplorable behavior when he was playing in the ’80s.  Most found his behavior humorous which trivializes his abuse.  And, eventually, the media cultivated the “petulant little boy” image for him.  In fact, McEnroe now does commercials playing up his bad behavior from the past.  He gets paid to act badly.  Can we say there’s any bit of a double standard?  Not only is Serena not playing the part of the gracious female AND standing up for herself, she is also Black (oooh! so threatening, still! stupid tea-baggers).  So, there are complaints about her being sassy, arrogant and “acting ghetto,” etc. Unfortunately, her behavior has vindicated all of those who have disliked her up until this point.  All those conservative backwards lamewads who feel threatened by her presence want their sport back, I suppose.

Was McEnroe ever fined for his behavior or suspended?

However, there is no excuse for any of this disrespectful behavior from anyone: man or woman, blue or alien – no excuse.  In fact, there must be something in the air because Federer was mouthing off at the Chair Umpire tonight in his finals match against Del Potro saying something about “don’t tell me to be quiet. I don’t give a s***.”

Has all the rain made the old champions restless?  Anyways, enjoy some McEnroe abuse below.

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