Christian Siriano is fierce . . . Again!

O Bryant Park is so versatile holding host to an old world carousel and bocce games, but most notably to such illustrious stars as Christian Siriano during Fashion Week.  His show was this past Saturday the 12th of September (almost thirteen, but heywhatareyougonnado?!).  One review said he was inspired by the Mediterranean for his Spring collection as in oceans and volcanoes.  Funny how, I thought some of his prints reminded me of magma or molten lava á la volcanoes, coincidentally.

These are some of my favorite Christian Siriano looks from his Spring 2010 collection.  I must have that hat, I tell you – it’s so dramatic and wonderfully floppy.

Mostly, I am just so happy for him!  And, the show!  For a bit, I was worried because the first few winners are not producing work and I was worried Project Runway would turn into one of those shows that does notshake up or add talent to the industry.  And so with his success, Project Runway has become one of the few shows that provides a viable channel (besides, American Idol) to get  your overlooked vision across to compete in your dream business!  So, with that Congratulations to Mr. Siriano because he’s fierce!  And to Project Runway for delivering on its promise.

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