ABC Carpet and Home

Pipa tapas y mas, New York Magazine Critics' Pick

ABC Carpet and Home is in the Flatiron district right above Union Square on 18th and Broadway.  This store has six floors and has installed a restaurant next door, Pipa Tapas y Mas (which has the most delicious brunch!) to show off some of their wares in action.  Believe me, if I could afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars per month for rent, my home would be furnished with every piece from this store.  Much of it is recycled and/or reclaimed (or upcycled, as some say) vintage furniture. All the products are made with the environment in mind, with eco-friendly materials throughout.  I noticed pieces were imported from all parts of the world, beautiful ceramics (some raku-fired which brought on flashbacks from high school ceramics courses) from South Africa to help fund different women’s groups in the country.  Many of the other customers were taking pictures because the atmosphere is so inspiring with its spiritual energy and overwhelming beauty.  With that in mind, not only does it have the most whimsical furniture it has the most noble mission.

In their own words: their mission “abc home’s mission is to serve by manifesting a retail paradigm shift in which we compose a revolutionary platform for offering cause related product through beauty, experience, and magic, in order to guide you to creatively express your individuality, values and to actualize home as sacred space”

the abc culture “the abc icons represent our standards for social and environmental transformation. they serve to identify opportunities to align your vision and values to impact your home and our collective home, the planet”

their commitment “abc home is a portal into collective creativity, integrating healing, education, sanctuary, theatre, art, and interconnectivity to create the experience of a three-dimensional living magazine and interactive museum.  we support continuous improvement in minimizing our collective environmental footprint and maximizing social justice. we aspire to manifest a universal exchange where spirit, sustainability, culture, currency, and creation coexist; a holistic sensory experience to inform and inspire participation.  through the expression of passion with beauty as a tool, we present commerce as a vehicle for insight and for action in the aid of creating a better world” (ABC Carpet and Home).

It could not be a more perfect business.


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