National Museum Day is September 26, 2009

Brooklyn Museum
View from inside the Brooklyn Museum amidst Rodin’s Burghers of Calais

The Smithsonian sponsored National Museum Day is tomorrow.  It is a nationwide celebration of museums, large and small!  There are over 800 institutions participating nationwide.  Once you download the admissions card (on the website) you and a guest have gained free admission to the participating museum of your choice.   The regulations states we are limited to one card per household, but who says your guest cannot also download an admissions card with her household address on it?  Ah Ha! Gaming the system so you can enjoy more than one museum on this day.

The real question that seems to be eluding my brief Google research is whether or not this has been a national pastime or is this something that I am more than willing to attribute to the creative brain-trust of the Obama Administration.  He did say the arts were as essential an element of education as science during his campaign . . . Or maybe we are joining with the rest of the world in their long-time celebrations of these treasured institutions.  It seems many countries engage in International Museum Day (May 18, 2009) and have similar days within their respective countries.  The International Council of Museums (who knew such a thing existed?!) seems to be the regulator of this under-appreciated and overlooked activity.

I wonder why no one cares, just look at how dynamic their website is . . .

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