Monthly Archives: May 2010

Home Births, again.

I have written about home births before and I am going to write about it again. One, I seem to behind the boat about New York Magazine‘s little narrative about home births.  This is another reason why being subscribed to the print magazine doesn’t always cut it.  I had missed several responses (not all negative, […]

Lucky Thirteen to LadyPolitik, why?

I mentioned there were going to be changes several posts ago.  For example, I am working on getting ads on the site (btws, I am aware that the Sponsored Links does not lead anywhere . . . yet!).  I am trying to more clearly define the market and interests of this website so as to […]

LunaFest Film Festival

I had blogged two months ago about LunaFest, a traveling film festival about women made by women.  The last film shown during the event was particularly inspiring.   It was produced by The Department of Expansion, an especially innovative and dynamic production company.  This is what it says under the ‘About Us’ tab: “Expanding our […]

Sex in the Classroom

After an odd night with a toxic soul I decided to read some feminist commentary to reassure myself that my principles are accurate and not wrong-headed nor unreasonable.  More importantly, to console myself that I am not “crazy,” “nuts,” “unstable,” or “indecisive” like all women are according to the septic tank who spoke so eloquently […]