Lucky Thirteen to LadyPolitik, why?

I mentioned there were going to be changes several posts ago.  For example, I am working on getting ads on the site (btws, I am aware that the Sponsored Links does not lead anywhere . . . yet!).  I am trying to more clearly define the market and interests of this website so as to attract more ads.  After all 46 billion is spent on television ads and 3.5 billion on radio ads (no numbers provided from NPR about online revenue).  So, I thought I should try and make a little pocket change.

So, now – why the name change?

Well, the moniker LadyPolitik is one I have been using for years to comment on news boards about articles that particularly made my skin crawl; you know the ones where you had to leave your two cents or else there would be a fire burning on your block.  And, really it is all part of the marketing and the fact that I may lose the name if I’m not careful.  I have added a new blog to my blogroll called Femocracy by an author who seems frighteningly similar to me. .

Why the name LadyPolitik at all?

Well, as some of you know I was/kind of still am a graduate student at NYU in politics.  In international relations theory, realpolitik is a worldview, an approach to politics, a guide to making policy decisions.  The definition of realpolitik has been advocated by the likes of our dear Machiavelli to Henry Kissinger to Barack Obama.  It is theory of pragmatism.  There are no lofty goals, no there trying to be reached, no moral or ethical principle to follow, but serving the interests of your nation-state in the world as it is.  Well, I thought LadyPolitik would be a woman’s version of politics because after all, “the political is personal and the personal is political.”

So, there that is.


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