A New-To-Me Blog

Femocracy.net is a blog that is new to me.  Amanda is the authoress who apologizes to no one and is well informed about the topics she discusses.  Her ‘About’ section is as follows:

“Femocracy includes commentary about politics, news and the media, with an interest in social issues and civil rights. The site is written by a so-called East Coast liberal elitist living in New York City that refuses to stop drinking lattes and doesn’t think “feminist” is a dirty word. But that doesn’t mean there’s a “No boys allowed” sign hanging on the door – because feminism is not about man-hating! All are welcome. Except trolls.”

Femocracy is fantastic. I am not even quite sure how I ran across it – perhaps, it was linked to feministing.com at some point.  But, I simply do not remember.

I quite enjoy it for a number of reasons.

1. Femocracy is not only a clever title, but it gets at quite, economically, what the blog is about.  She is a lady who loves politics and adds a feminist lens on top of the current affairs of the day in an informed manner.

2. Politics as its taught in higher education neglects to include women in the conversation.  Often, it focuses on historically under-represented and marginalized groups.  Even in certain sectors you can study precisely this if you focus on social movements, but rarely do women come into the conversation.  Female scholars and experts are rarely cited.  They are rarely cited as figuring into the debate about larger issues like democratization and electoral engineering, etc.  They only come up if the topic is about women rather than including them into the mainstream discussion.  Amanda does this well in her title and writings.

3. It is the blog I would write if I had the energy.

P.S. the image is from the exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in London, early Summer 2008.  I enjoyed that, too.

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