Rock on The Root

The Root featured an article about 37 different Black rock bands.  All I have to say is that post made my life.  All of a sudden I was brought into existence, born again, brought into the light, illuminated and magnified.  Talk about power.

Sure, I saw the film, Afropunk, in college when it was making its rounds on the college and university circuit, but I still felt so isolated.

And then, I saw this post and investigated the 37 bands and fell in love with so many.  It’s nice to have a choice.  I knew it wasn’t radical to be Black and like rock.  How could those two be incompatible?!  Rock is inherently subversive.  In the beginning it was Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley (who was banned from early television for switching his hips about).  Was anyone really listening to their lyrics?! I mean, there were bands like Rage Against the Machine talking about the awesome radical agenda and speaking truth to power.   Killing In the Name Of? “some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses.”  That’s some powerful stuff.

P.S. What happened to Rage?  Did the FBI finally get them?

Anyways, that tangent was great.  This list was populated by such known entities as Janelle Monae, TV on the Radio, and Res (Although, I’m not sure I would classify her as rock or alternative), Bloc Party’s lead singer Kele Okereke, and The Noisettes.  Even more intriguing its list was dominated by a ton of people even I didn’t know.  As desperate as my search has been for some folks who look like me rocking out with a guitar, I finally found some.  God bless the internet.

Ebony Bones rocks my socks.  She is fantastic because she’s strikingly original and down-to-earth.  Her image is just straight up fun, you can’t help but smile and her accent is charming.  But, she’s intelligent because she acknowledges most music, especially pop music is about nothing. NOTHING AT ALL.

I recommend Don’t Fart on my Heart to get you started:


Here we have BLK JKS, a South African band, who performed with Alicia Keys at the opening of the 2010 World Cup.  They have a few videos up in various places (youtube and myspace).

The Bots is a band consisting of two brothers, 16 and 13 from Glendale, CA who are very good at what they do.  In fact, these kids are way cooler than I will ever be.

The Noisettes

Old news.  But, if you don’t know, you don’t know.  Go listen to ’em on their myspace page.  Wonderful.

Game Rebellion

Another band I wish I could hear on Live 105,  the Bay Area’s rock station,  or on Alice 97.3, the Bay’s alternative station.  Heck, I don’t even hear these guys on college radio stations. Game Rebellion is from Brooklyn.  They covered the Red Hot Chili Pepper song, Under the Bridge, and I have to admit it’s better than the original.  Check ’em out, you will not be disappointed.

Tamar Kali

Tamar Kali is from Brooklyn and she has a great song called Ocean.  Rock out and love her voice.

Earl Greyhound

Earl Greyhound reminds me of the good times and the hopes of a bygone era.  Their new album is Suspicious Package which was released in April of this year.

Here’s their video for Shotgun:


They were rocking out in the great year of 1985.  Long before Sublime who sounds like them; not the other way around.

Fishbone – Sunless Saturday (Official Music Video)

Truly a splendid day due to all these electrifying finds.

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