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LunaFest Film Festival

I had blogged two months ago about LunaFest, a traveling film festival about women made by women.  The last film shown during the event was particularly inspiring.   It was produced by The Department of Expansion, an especially innovative and dynamic production company.  This is what it says under the ‘About Us’ tab: “Expanding our […]

Film for Fashion

Coco Before Chanel starring Audrey Tautou (Amelie) and directed by Anne Fontaine, another lady director (!), is coming out September 25, 2009 in New York and L.A.  This film focuses on the fashion icon before she became the perfume bottle that nearly every grandmother in America has on her dressing table.  Before she made Audrey Hepburn so […]

The Hurt Locker

I saw The Hurt Locker about three weeks ago, maybe a month, and it is still with me.  This is a very well crafted film.  Now, being a military/war movie buff – I have seen them all even the foreign ones and, unfortunately, a lot of the bad ones.  My favorites are about the same […]

What is Good Hair?

For all of you who weren’t following the ins and outs of the film festivals earlier in the year, there is one film, in particular, that needs to be seen by all people:  Good Hair.  I mentioned the film (check it out because my girl over at Brooklyn Sista has a cameo!) in a earlier […]

Lady Film Directors

There are so few ladies directing feature films that I feel an obligation to watch in homage to my sister’s future career as a filmmaker.  Of late, there have been Julie Taymor’s Across the Universe, Kathyrn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker, and now it seems Jane Campion has a wonderful film to be released in mid-September […]


Anjulie is a Canadian pop artist who absorbed M.I.A. and Santigold’s style into her wardrobe.  But, at the same time, people are comparing her to Nelly Furtado, even though parts of her album definitely sound like Corinne Bailey Rae and Norah Jones (by the way, where have they been?!).  Regardless, I really like her music […]

Bollywood Hero

Now, everyone knows I love cultural cross-fertilization as much as the next person as long as it’s not done in some sort of fetishized colonial way.  I’m just asking for a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T. With that said, I was listening to, the greatest website for listening to Bollywood movie songs and I ran across an […]

Terminator Salvation

I know this movie came out 10,000 years ago but I just saw it this past weekend.  Before going, I prepared myself.  I watched the first three terminator movies again.  And boy, did I enjoy myself.  No sarcasm there.  Really. Now, for those who remember Judgement Day was/is (I am not sure what tense I […]

Henry Fool and Fay Grim

If you’re a film crazy like me, you’re probably subscribed to Netflix(and a Blockbuster Rewards member) and you torture  yourself trying to fit in a full-length  feature film every day (thank you, watch instantly!).  Now, I watched Fay Grim a year ago.  Since then, I have  watched it twice – completely unaware  that it was […]

Lady Sings the Blues . . .

This biopic of Lady Day was fantastic even though it was not really representative of the lady in question.  One, Billie Holiday was not quite the diva that Diana Ross made it out to her be.  This is acknowledged in the extra footage on the DVD.  Except in the footage, they (the costumer designers) say […]