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The United Nations Website

I’m not sure when or how recently the UN overhauled their website, but it looks fantastic.  Clearly, someone in the right place heard the complaints about their crotchety website and the confusion about the actual structure and organization of the massive organism itself. Let me tell ya, I like progress. I can actually find the […]

National Museum Day is September 26, 2009

View from inside the Brooklyn Museum amidst Rodin’s Burghers of Calais The Smithsonian sponsored National Museum Day is tomorrow.  It is a nationwide celebration of museums, large and small!  There are over 800 institutions participating nationwide.  Once you download the admissions card (on the website) you and a guest have gained free admission to the participating […]

Women’s Studies

Many long-time readers may know I have been studying political science for the last two years and am increasingly losing interest in solely studying this field.  My interests are broaden and it seems difficult to bring all those interests together within the confines of quality social science research.  It turns out I just may be […]

Whip It Ladies!

There are only 13 (lucky!) days remaining until Whip It! is released to a theatre near you!  And, the best part is – a woman directed the film.  And not just any woman, the great Drew Barrymore.  Here they are, the director and her star, Ellen Page, on the cover of Marie Claire (heck, I […]

The Countdown is Over!

I think I am going to have a heart attack because there are so many events happening along Fifth Avenue and there is simply no way I can attend all of them in only five hours!  I was walking around Fifth Avenue and Bryant Park last night with a friend (who recently moved back to […]

Fall 2009

My favorite time of the year is right around the corner.  Fall.  While everything is dying, a surge of hope is rising.  Dying leaves reincarnate themselves into great bold fashion colors. Death equals new beginnings, right? I was on crutches through the Fall of last year unable to be THE Bryant Park groupie straining for […]

You Like Posters? So Do I.

Northland Poster Collective had some good things to say, or sell rather.  Unfortunately, it closed in June.  Now, I meant to blog about this ages ago.  But, they have up and closed on me.  Where am I going to get my bumper stickers that say: “Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries!” and other suck ilk? […]