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Elena Kagan

Solicitor General Elena Kagan has been nominated, OFFICIALLY, to the Supreme Court to replace Justice Stevens and is now in her second day of Confirmation Hearings.  Now, doesn’t it seem odd that no one seems to be able to identify anything about her?  Perhaps, that is not such a bad thing.  The enemy, a.k.a. the […]

The White House Council on Women and Girls

Yay Obama.  Why is it awesome?  Because men like Obama need to stand up and become allies in feminist movement.  However, while running off his list of familial roles, he forgot to cite ‘brother’ but went on to mention his sister.  I guess that slip is okay? Anyways, check this out:   “Opportunities their mothers and […]

The Black List Project Continued. . .

For some reason, it always hits a nerve when a female coeval says she is not a feminist. “Why do we need feminism?/Aren’t we all equal now?/I have never experienced sexism, what’s the big deal?/I don’t identify with those bra burning feminists!/It’s for white affluent women, it’s not for me/The girls I know who are […]

Stimulus Plan

I hear two conflicting views about public support for the stimulus plan. The New Yorker says on their political scene audio article that support is waning.  Gallup says Obama is winning the fight about the stimulus plan: http://www.gallup.com/poll/114202/Obama-Upper-Hand-Stimulus-Fight.aspx Granted, I am listening to TV on the Radio’s new album, Dear Science and didn’t want to […]

Because this was emailed to me . . .

Calabash Music (you may remember them from a past post – first fair trade music site) has a blog where they compiled a bunch of music videos payting tribute to Barack Obama.  And of course, Will.i.am’s video is on there. Check it out here: http://calabash.typepad.com/global_music_news/2008/04/obama-music-is.html

Bitch is not the New Black?

Besides the Reverend Wright distractions, the most frustrating experience of late would have to be a conversation about feminism with my younger sister, especially in light of a critical moment where I realized I would probably like Hillary Clinton if I met her personally (I know.  I was having a mini-existential crisis, alright.  I’m recovered, now.  […]

Barack Obama On Race & Politics in America

His speech was daring.  I would dare anyone to say otherwise about someone who has more or less shied away from explicit comments/lecturing about racism in his campaigns.  As for how successful he was about addressing his pastor’s comments – I would say a caller to NPR before the speech put it best.  He said […]

Leave Gore Alone!

It is completely inane to expect Al Gore to endorse either of the presidential candidates.  He is not God.  Hello! Winning a noble peace prize does not make you some sort of all powerful clairvoyant omnipotent untarnished holy person whose word is sancrosanct.  Clearly, Texas and Ohio missed the memo from the media that Obama ought […]

Guess who’s Back . . .

Seems like Obama might be getting whooped tonight.  Figured as much.  Democrats are unruly and ungovernable.  We don’t like people telling us what to do.  The media tried to tell us the nomination was wrapped up.  Well, it’s not now.  We rebelled.  This run is not exciting.  Not anymore.  It’s dividing the party.  Obama tried […]

What’s new Hillary?

Has anyone noticed Hillary Clinton’s website face lift? When did she change this? It looks like she’s lifted Obama’s website template. I guess if you can’t beat ’em join ’em.