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You Can NOT Be Serious!

I have never been a huge fan of Serena Williams (being an older sibling I always preferred Venus), but it’s interesting listening to the reactions to Serena’s outburst Saturday night and the days since.  McEnroe had deplorable behavior when he was playing in the ’80s.  Most found his behavior humorous which trivializes his abuse.  And, […]


I was browsing the NYTimes and they’re asking for definitions of work.  Well, this came to mind: a poster I bought in high school which lives in my blue bedroom at my parent’s house: Because a woman’s work is never done. and is underpaid, or unpaid, or boring, or repetitious, and we’re the first to […]

Renee Cox

In my past life as an undergraduate at Amherst College, I had an epiphany during my junior year.  I had to move fast, so I dropped my Theatre and Dance major, lined my ducks up in a row, switched to a Fine Arts major, and commenced my thesis research.  These times involved a lot of […]

Suede Magazine and its Predecessors

I stumbled upon Suede Magazine at CVS in Amherst, Mass a few years ago.  I remembering bringing it back to my girls and we all clamoured over that magazine.  The love shown was evident in its tattered feathered pages and unraveling binding.  No matter how many times I say it, there are not enough positive images […]

The Coil Review

My sister just returned from London after studying abroad for the semester at Queen Mary University.  She stayed with me for a bit before heading back home to the Bay.  But, I did notice while she was here, her hair was falling out.  Her hair was everywhere every day.  Her hair is a bit resistant […]