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Conclusion: Hillary has Multiple Personality Disorder

THIS CAMPAIGN IS MAKING ME SICK.  I thought I would never get to this point.  But, I have.  I can’t stand Hillary’s multiple personality disorder.  It’s disorienting.  She is not consistent.  She needs therapy.  She initially said in October that Michigan and Florida didn’t matter.  She signed the same paperwork that the other candidates signed […]

Oh Hillary there you go again.

I don’t know if it’s because my mind seems to be foggy because I’m coming down with the flu (again!) or if Hillary has actually gone off the deep end.  The footage I’ve seen of her patronizing Barack Obama in Ohio struck a chord.  This chord is calibrated to pick up to pick up condescending […]

There is something to be said for age . . .

As much as young people are excited about getting older and perhaps hoping their youthful perspective will open up the aged’s eyes, and finally close the gap between yourself and one’s parents; there is something to be said for age. With age comes experience and wisdom that simply cannot be dismissed. Do not fear, this […]

What No One is Talking About in Campaign 08

Amidst all this talk of courting niche constituencies, one population that does not seem to be in the spotlight, yet should, is the Latino vote.  With the US Latino population recently eclipsing African Americans as the largest minority, none of the Democratic candidates seem to be addressing this group with the same dedication.  Republicans have recently been dissing Latinos with […]