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ABC Carpet and Home

ABC Carpet and Home is in the Flatiron district right above Union Square on 18th and Broadway.  This store has six floors and has installed a restaurant next door, Pipa Tapas y Mas (which has the most delicious brunch!) to show off some of their wares in action.  Believe me, if I could afford to […]

Inside the Meltdown

I just finished watching Frontline’s Inside the Meltdown on Thirteen (NYC’S PBS station).  A lot of this information was not new to me.  Like most of us during this time we perused the news, very methodically, every day for the slightest change in polls.  But, suddenly, every day seemed to bring earth-shattering, tectonic-shifting gloom and […]

Stimulus Plan

I hear two conflicting views about public support for the stimulus plan. The New Yorker says on their political scene audio article that support is waning.  Gallup says Obama is winning the fight about the stimulus plan: http://www.gallup.com/poll/114202/Obama-Upper-Hand-Stimulus-Fight.aspx Granted, I am listening to TV on the Radio’s new album, Dear Science and didn’t want to […]